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    I’m Robert Gourley, a creative strategist who works with innovative brands to launch new products in emerging media. I’ve developed strategic creative work for companies such as Apple, National Geographic, EA Sports, Microsoft, Whole Foods Market and more.

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What I do

I develop strategic creative work for innovative companies across a wide variety of endpoints.

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App Design

App design with an emphasis on micro-interactions and responsive user experience.


Responsive UX

User experience and service design for web, mobile, TV and emerging platforms.


Visual Design

I love visual design, typography and all forms of digital design


Thor Muller

Product innovation & entrepreneurial leader / Get Satisfaction

Robert brings creative brilliance and a probing mind to the design challenges thrown his way. He often devised visual solutions that could only have come from his unique vision. On top of his intuitive leaps, he was dependable and professional in often stressful circumstances.


Dan van der Hei

Creative Director / Razorfish

Robert worked with me on many projects, and on every one created the spark to push our work to the next level. He seems to be able to handle an incredible work load without showing any signs of stress. He also continually impresses me with his depth and breadth of knowledge of design and digital media.


Jeremy De Forge

Senior Director, Copywriting / Salesforce.com

Not only is this a recommendation for Robert, but Mojave Interactive as a whole. Robert has created an agency that allows creatives to actually be creative, and it shows in their work. I don’t consider him a boss, as he doesn’t “boss” you around, but rather a great collaborator who never micro-manages the creative process. Robert and his group of gurus constantly look for new opportunities in the ad world and refuse to get stifled by convention. Mojave is a shop creatives should jump at the chance to work with, and the first place clients should look to bring their business to the forefront of their industry.


Nigel Carr

Director of brand planning / Cramer-Krasselt

…he’s an extremely talented interactive designer very smart, very easy to work with and definitely a visionary in those early stages of the discipline


Carlos Canas

Senior Designer

Working for Robert was a great experience for me and the entire team at Y&R during his time there. His concepts and ideas were always on point with the goal of the client, and he was always looking for ways to drive the projects into a more interactive experience than what the client was used to. We possibly did the best interactive projects at Y&R San Francisco during his time there. I highly recommend his talent to others


Richard Mueller

Designer / CBS Interactive

Simply stated, Robert is one of those rare people who is both delightful to work with AND incredibly competent. His supportive, easy going style and sense of humor inspires a fun, productive atmosphere (even when the heat is on), while his insight, focus and vision consistently proves out killer creative solutions for even the most challenging projects.